Printing Management

The cost of printing is one of the most important and daily financial “burden” of the Enterprise, while the cost is even greater in cases Enterprises and Organizations that have multiple offices and branches. DIGIMARK, certified partner of HP (Gold Certified Partner) and OKI(Business Partner) specializing in Office solutions Printing, proven can reduce overall printing costs up to 50%.


Maintain control of your printing environment …

Convert your entire printing fleet strategic advantage, with expert support provided by the Management Services Printing of Digimark.

The Printing Management Services (MPS) were created to strengthen businesses to become more productive, facilitate new solutions to their everyday printing processes and naturally reduce their costs by up to 50%. In this context we undertake the overall management of the printing fleet of your company, with services that include hardware, technical support and overall responsibility for the smooth functioning. At the same time, we provide monthly reports on the progress and enhancement of service.

Digimark offers you the opportunity to get rid of assets, maintenance contracts and supplies while you simplify your internal processes services Printing Management of Digimark.
Get rid of the scattered Printers – equipment unify your network.

Digimark Printing Services Management, are the ideal solution for the integrated management of office equipment infrastructure, which includes printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. These services allow the effective integration of all devices of the existing infrastructure and the use of new multifunction machines MFPs (with printing, copying, scanning and receiving / sending fax).

Printing Management services will help you achieve:

  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction (through better, faster and more integrated processes)
  • Cost transparency (per user or per department)
  • Better utilization of the firm’s assets
  • Up to 50% lower printing costs
  • Increased financial flexibility, transforming hardware equipment costs into a variable -per month- operating expense

Printing Management solutions are consisted of:

  • A range of office equipment, whose ownership remains in DIGIMARK
  • Office equipment installation and / or maintenance
  • Output Infrastructure Management Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Printing supplies

Pay per Use Service

Using Pay per Use service allows customers to pay according to their monthly printing production, while they enjoy free hardware maintenance, printing supplies and free technical support.