Business Continuity

  • If key functions of your everyday business are unexpectedly interrupted for any reason, do you have a way to restore?
  • How long it would take to restore operations?
  • Ensure smooth business operations before, during and after an unexpected event.

Digimark’s complete Business Continuity & Recovery Services (BC & RS) services will help you keep active all key functions of your business in case of an emergency. Thus, all IT systems and networks are accessible even if during an unexpected situation. Digimark skilled BCRS team designs and implements a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan, able to meet most unexpected contingencies and ensure your business continuity.

Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Analysis of business processes and needs
  • Set priorities for business continuity
  • Set recovery time objectives
  • Create scenarios for unexpected events
  • Identify vulnerable points
  • Application failover and fault-tolerant mechanisms
  • Performance evaluation mechanisms
  • Stress-testing
Benefits – Potential solutions of BC & RS Digimark
  • Switching operation at alternative data center, then restoring of operations at the main (primary) center of your business.
  • Annual costs, free of cost of ownership, maintenance and operation for hardware equipment and facilities infrastructure
  • Optional Business Recover Management.
  • High availability mirroring data solution.
  • An IT recovery program fully consistent with your business policies.
  • Ability to test production systems recovery plan, the frequency of which is selected by you.
  • Direct technical support
  • Full and professional training of your IT and technical staff on recovery requirements and proccedures.
Specialized Mobile Data Solutions Center

Our constant investments in innovative business solutions, allows us to offer dedicated BCRS services for large organizations and businesses that have specific needs. Our Mobile Data Center solution is essentially a Data Center in a specially designed container area and includes all the necessary elements of a Data Center (SAN, Storage, Cooling Systems, UPS, etc.) with additional optional features (Power Generators, Satellite Services, etc). With almost limitless possibilities, flexibility and rapid start-up, MDC’s can be deployed directly and much faster compared with any other data center solutions. Furthermore, MDC’s have exceptional energy efficiency, with economic operation costs.

Mobile data centers are designed to support many different scenarios:
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Main IT infrastructure
  • Backup IT infrastructure
  • Temporary IT infrastructure solution that seat transfer
  • Cost-effective extension of existing IT infrastructure
  • Annals major expansions IT infrastructure