Network Infrastructure

Our dedicated network engineering team plans unified telecommunication solutions according to the needs and strategy of your company. Solutions, that fully cover your overall network infrastructure while in the same time we reduce the total costs for your telecommunications networks for up to 30%.

Internet Access

After an excessive analysis of the existing networking infrastructure and future requirements of your company, our engineers will recommend and apply the most appropriate solution, with Hellas Online support. The available selections are as follows:

  • Internet access with ADSL technology through Hellas Online private network (HOL Business ADSL)
  • Access with fiber optic through SDH & Metro Ethernet technology (HOL leased lines)
Virtual Private Networks

VPN’s can provide increased levels of communications safety, based on MPLS technology. Furthermore VPN’s can be enabled through any type of circuit access (ΑDSL, SHDSL, Fiber Optics), according to your company’s network needs and preferences. They offer:

  • Variable Quality of Service – MPLS technology offers many different levels of quality
  • Remote –on the move- access for all your business executives
  • Increased level of security
  • Networks topology hub & spoke, any-to-any
  • Dedicated technical support with 24×7 option

OnVoice telephony services through leased circuits that can secure huge cost reductions for telecommunications. Even more they can also be combined with IP telephony services, adding extra advantages for your company’s telecommunication capabilities.

Networking hardware equipment

Digimark offers a large variety of networking hardware equipment, such as routers, firewalls, access points etc, according to the specific needs of your company’s network infrastructure, enhancing its capabilities.


Digimark offers complete and comprehensive support through our certified tech support team, and with advanced network monitoring services (Managed Network Services) that monitor and manage your company’s network and network equipment.