The innovative technologies of today, offer new capabilities to the everyday business working environment, but also ask for more from the staff and employees of every business and organization. More in terms of specific requirements and skills, which will eventually create the need for continuous education and training, in order to successfully adapt those new technologies implementations.

Our training teams, certified for the deep knowledge and experience of our people, can help your company and organization employees to acquire all the crucial elements in order to successfully implement new technologies in the working environment and improve their effectiveness in everyday business.

Digimark’s training programs are specially designed to provide all the fundamental knowledge and skills, while the trainees will face virtual situation scenarios that may encounter in reality.

Our company offers business training in the following areas:

  • ERP & CRM Software
  • Databases & Datacenters
  • Networking and PC Support
  • VoIP & Telephony
  • Information Security
  • Unified Communications
  • SharePoint & Exchange
  • Oracle Databases
  • Excel, Office and Access
  • Web Development & XML
  • Windows & Operating Systems
  • Virtualization Platforms & Applications
  • Cloud Computing