Vertical Solutions ERP and CRM

Our experience, through the numerous projects in construction, automotive, energy and publishing sectors, enables us to offer specialized ERP & CRM solutions. Our business software vertical solutions have been carefully designed for the custom needs of companies in those sectors, while, at the same time, they add further benefits and features. Based on Softone’s business software platforms, our fully customized solutions developed by Digimark’s software development team, are as follows:

Energy industry companies
Digimark’s specialized solution fully covers all the needs of companies in the energy business sector. Our solution provides all the necessary tools for employees in all departments within the company, covering the entire sales process, up to the required invoicing, while it also includes many other elements, such as the service process, pricing, etc.
Publishing companies
Solution that fully meets the specific requirements of publishers, offering different management tools as well as the opportunity to automate various processes, such as the management of prerelease new titles, special authoring book rights, book production, and others.

Our ERP & CRM publishing solutions implementations