Digimark S.Α. is a dynamic Greek company, operating as aTechnological Provider  in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services and System Integration since 1987. Our organizational structure is based on our capability to design, develop and apply innovative IT solutions that effectively respond to dynamic market conditions.

The team

Our well-trained experts are dedicated to fully respond and satisfy our clients’ increasing needs with professionalism, providing complete IT Solutions and Technical Support, which are approved and certified by our partners. We constantly invest on expanding our people’s knowledge through ISO certified training programs.

The business

In a world where technology is growing rapidly and in a dynamic and competitive business environment, we respond with new ideas, which we then develop and transform into useful and innovative solutions to fully cover our customers IT and Telecommunications needs. We introduce our customers to the new digital age, with best future technologies, through modern IT applications and Systems.

The solutions

Digimark Group goes far beyond traditional IT hardware and software products, offering complete IT Solutions that can answer any business need. Complying with ISO 9001 standards, our solutions are based on our partnerships with some of the world’s most forward-looking IT companies. The numerous awards and certifications from our partners come to confirm our dedication on excellence.

Digimark project history

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