Concentrating on reducing the cost of telecommunications infrastructure company, your DIGIMARK in partnership with Hellas Online Services offers alternative telephony (OnVoice) via leased circuits to drastically reduce telephone bills. The fixed telephony services are:Concentrating on reducing telecommunications infrastructure costs, Digimark, in collaboration with Hellas Online, offers alternative telephony services (OnVoice) via leased circuits that can drastically help your company reduce costs.

Landline telephony services:

hol business telephony CPS

Flexible programs via landline carrier preselection, tailored to your business needs, with highly competitive rates and additional discounts based on your monthly telephone costs.

Key features

Aimed for professionals and businesses that want to take advantage of high quality phone services and benefit from the reduction of telecommunication costs for telephone calls to local, national and international destinations, as well as calls to Greek mobile networks.

  • No activation and deactivation fees
  • Single charge for local and long distance destinations
  • No time contract commitments
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Expert technical support
hol business telephony PRI

HOL business telephony PRI service offers immediate and direct connection of your company’s call center (PBX) with HOL’s network. Hence, your company receives high quality telecommunication services at very affordable rates.


HOL business telephony PRI is designed for large enterprises with increased traffic in their call center. The service guarantees high availability and excellent quality in terms of voice and fax transmission.

  • No monthly fees for OTE and/or other providers.
  • Line interface high availability via Hellas Online exclusive fiber optic network
  • Single charges for local and long distance destinations.
  • Free provision of basic digital telephony services.
  • Free transfer of your existing phone numbers.
  • Competitive rates to national mobile networks and international destinations.
  • Special rates for numbers Inmarsat & Satellite calls
  • Phone calls are not subject to any form of compression.
  • Expert technical support