Internet Services

After an excessive analysis of the existing networking infrastructure and future requirements of your business, our engineers company select, propose and apply the appropriate solution, through a various available internet access services provided by Hellas Online. These are:

HOL Business ADSL

HOL Business ADSL service is a solution for fast and reliable access to the Internet with high speeds through HOL’s private network. Aimed for professionals and small businesses, offers:The hol business adsl service is the most comprehensive solution for fast and reliable access to the Internet at high speeds through the private network hellas online. Aimed at freelancers and Midlesize Enterprises.

  • Speed of access: 12/1 or 24/1 Mbps ADSL circuit via the private network HOL
  • Installing and managing Wireless router (wi-fi)
  • Provision of 8 static IP addresses
  • Register domain name and hosting corporate website (300 MB) *
  • Unlimited number of corporate e-mail form with 5GB capacity and online account management through HOL myaccount.
  • Dial-up backup in case of failure of the ADSL connection
Additional services
  • Installation and management of firewall to protect your local network from internet threats
  • Provide additional static IP addresses Securing additional network names (domain name). Gr or. Eu
  • Additional space for e-mail accounts
  • Additional space for e-mail accounts
HOL Internet Leased Lines

Leased lines are the most reliable Internet access with guaranteed quality. Aimed for businesses that require high-speed access, high availability and data security, they ensure continuity of any business operation based on the internet, under any circumstances.

  • Select each circuit type of access in accordance with the interconnection needs of any sign of Operation
  • Warranty speed Internet access within the network HOL (Contention ratio 1:1)
  • Provision of leased circuits, configuration, installation and management of equipment required
  • Assign a static IP address according to business needs
  • Complete packages email & web hosting
Added Value Services
  • Installation, configuration and monitoring of the equipment by qualified personnel Digimark
  • Software support and advanced replacement equipment
  • Provide backup access circuits
  • Ability to provide security services (Firewall, Content Filtering, etc.).
  • Manage the available capacity according to business needs (bandwidth management)