Backup & Recovery

In a time when businesses and organizations raise, communicate and store critical information from various sources and storage (personal computers systems, file servers, virtual servers, etc.), the importance of keeping backup files and quick and instant retrieval of information is more meaningful than ever. Also, the new possibilities offered by modern technologies for synchronization with e-mail data, data, business applications, and other rich content databases set new standards in the protection and recovery of business data and information.

H Digimark, Certified Partner, Symantec offers specialized backup & recovery solutions for the following categories:

Protect critical business data applications and databases such as ERP, CRM, Oracle, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. The Backup & Recovery Application Our solution is designed for easy and quick data recovery in case of data loss and corruption.

Designed to meet a variety of different physical platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and MAC OS the physical backup & recovery solution Digimark take the backup of your data rapidly and with lower storage requirements.

Restore lost data from your virtual platforms VMware and Hyper-V in less than a few minutes. The solution of virtual backup & recovery of Digimark ensure your business continuity.

Custom Backup & Recovery

In Digimark know that like every business is different, so is the operational needs of the storage and retrieval of information.

Medium Business

Based on the software platform of Symantec Backup Exec to backup & restore solution for midsize businesses Digimark offers:

  • Protecting data while reducing storage costs and management
  • Easily manage local or network backup through a unified console
  • Integrated and automated storage and archiving with high levels of security
  • Optimizing network operating between physical and virtual environments with integrated data deduplication technology
  • Continuous Data Security Exchange, file and SQL Servers
  • Full support for all backups Virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-V, etc)
Large businesses

Based on the software platform of Symantec Enterprise Vault to backup & restore solution for large companies Digimark offers:

  • Reduce storage costs by up to 60% using deduplication technology from different sources including file systems, Exchange, SharePoint, and more
  • Global Deduplication technology for data files by email, SharePoint documents, Exchange etc.
  • Integrated services DCS (Data Classification Services) that provide access to critical data that automates the process of making
  • Single and intelligent data management incorporating specific retention policies and delete files
  • Integrated solution that covers archiving and backup total local, hybrid and cloud-based networks
  • Deploy best-of-breed archiving and discovery in a way that best meets the immediate and long-term information management goals of an organization. Symantec enables archiving to be on-premise, hybrid, or as a cloud-based solution
  • Intelligent archiving that moves the least used files to specific data warehouses
  • Built-in capabilities of specialized and direct search, monitoring, conservation and export data for specific user groups through service eDiscovery