Cloud Computing is the latest breakthrough in the IT and the revolution in technology that brought led to a situation common to all the innovations and all new technologies. Associated with the provision of resources, infrastructure, applications, and other IT components, conjointly and / or singularly, as a service over the Internet. With Cloud Computing, business applications and files are accessible from anywhere in the world, any time they want the user, giving them enormous flexibility.


Benefits of Cloud Services

The benefits of the service are important and ensure the efficient operation of your company’s critical business activities. The main advantages are:

arrow-red Minimum implementation time of Cloud Services

arrow-red There is no cost for hosting infrastructure and physical protection

arrow-red Not necessary to purchase expensive network equipment and the need for a leased line and additional telecommunications charges

arrow-redEmployment need not be qualified technicians for maintenance of servers and network

arrow-red The service is fully configurable and is easily adapted to your specific requirements

arrow-red The ultramodern Data Center of DIGIMARK SA provide fast Internet connection and security

arrow-red 24×7 network operation and technical support