Offer powerful tools to your sales department force and help them to efficiently cooperate with marketing and technical support teams in order to increase your customers’ confidence. Digimark’s certified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions by Microsoft and Softone can help you to significantly reduce your sales cycles and maximize your profits.

They cover:

  • Contacts – accounts
  • Sales operations
  • Sales opportunities
  • Sales quotations and Orders
  • Promotional activities

Our CRM applications successfully cover the entire communication process with customers from the first contact, up until the sale and the after sale support, enabling businesses to fully automate with a practical and effective way sales as well as marketing issues.

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CRM solutions capabilities:
  • Ready-made modules managing daily operations (calls, meetings, e-mail [import – export from MS Outlook], general activities)
  • Generate mass activities from browsers of other connected modules
  • E-mail management and link with Outlook
  • Extensive sales opportunity management
  • Manage closure probability
  • Pipe line report
  • Ease and thorough contacts and accounts management
  • Sale operations integrated management
  • Quick lists for customers and potential customers
  • Lead management and automatic conversion in to sales opportunities
  • Simple input options and quick retrieval of important information
  • Sales activity monitoring
  • Individual reports for customers, operations and sales opportunities, marketing campaigns etc.
  • Integrated marketing features/li>
  • Ability to operate CRM locally, virtually, or from the web
  • Organized action tabs with all connected modules, history etc.
  • Notifications and reminders automatic system
  • Active business intelligence analysis
  • Ability to connect with PBX (via CTI)
Full Customization

Every organization and business has its specific needs. Digimark’s certified and experienced software development team undertakes the development, customization and support depending on your business sector and specific needs.

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