Network & Security

As IT infrastructure needs are constantly increasing, the supporting networks must evolve in order to meet a broad range of needs and the different devices which are connecting, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Nowadays, that Cloud and Virtualization are now essential technologies of storing and exchanging information, the necessity to merge and support these innovative networking technologies for business networking environments, is now greater than ever.

Our 20-year experience, through the certified partnerships with the world’s leading IT networking vendors like, HP, Cisco and DELL, gives us the potential to design and implement networking solutions specifically «built» for the unique needs of each case. Hence, whether a company is interested in the creation of new infrastructure or just to improve their current, Digimark’s network and security solutions can sufficiently cover all their needs.



Problems and limitations facing:
  • Many different levels (layers) and devices (devices) – Network Complexity
  • Network systems and devices (routers, firewalls, access points) that do not use 100% of their potential
  • High maintenance and operating costs/li>
  • Inability to expand and support new requirements and technologies
  • High level of network latency
  • Significant vulnerabilities
Digimark’s solutions and benefits:
  • Simplified networking infrastructure using 100% network devices potential
  • Higher performance and network reliability/li>
  • Reduce of network management operating costs
  • Greater control and better upgrade flexibility
  • More connectivity options – socket virtualization and cloud computing
  • Zero latency and excellent response network
  • Higher levels of security with proactive security firewalls