Thin Clients & Workstations

Digimark, a certified partner of leading IT manufacturers like HP, IBM and DELL, delivers innovative and cost-effective Thin Clients and Workstations compact platforms, that achieve real business results in a virtual computing environment.

  • Significantly lower operating costs, as Thin Clients and Workstations have less maintenance requirements in terms of hardware and software equipment.
  • Simplified and accelerated IT management processes during the implementation of new technologies.
  • Consolidation of data center hardware equipment with lower energy consumption requirements.
  • Remote workers support, essential when expanding through new branches
  • Superior levels of security with complete unified management and control of users permissions
  • No need for backup and disaster recovery processes as all data are always centrally stored on the server
  • Full cooperation with virtualization platforms for desktop virtualization and many moremore.
Thin Clients & Workstations Solutions