In this tight economic environment your IT Infrastructure must offer more for less. Virtualization technology, now mature and comprehensive can now answer that almost impossible equation and welcome any new and greater demands.

  • Significantly lower expenses for purchasing, operating and maintaining hardware equipment
  • Streamlined and simplified IT infrastructures with enhanced expansion flexibility/li>
  • Critical tool in order to meet targets set by SLA’s (Services License Agreements)
  • Higher availability and lower downtime Yψηλότερος βαθμός διαθεσιμότητας και χαμηλότερο downtime
  • Trusted solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Unified data and centralized management with easy to use tools
  • Exceptional expansion capabilities for business software applications (Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint and SAP)
Business Applications Virtualization
  • Connect operate with Microsoft Exchange with greater efficiencyς
  • Unified Virtual SQL database management with lower costs up to 50%
  • Sharepoint in virtual machines for greater flexibility and efficiency
  • Obtain Oracle databases and applications with lower costs and better management

Virtualization platforms, like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, act as a virtual IT Infrastructure with operating systems, business applications, network systems, data storage devices and many more. Digimark designs and implements virtualization solutions that aim to optimize and improve IT Infrastructures and thus offering new capabilities, while in the same time they manage to effectively reduce operating costs.

Digimark’s Virtualization Solutions:
Server Virtualization Storage Virtualization Network Virtualization Desktop Virtualization