VoIP – Unified Communications

VoIP technology is the most modern telecommunications tool, offering a unique consolidation of voice and data on a single network. This is why it is a firm preference for companies worldwide. Our IT engineering department develops broad IP telephony and unified communication solutions, utilizing the most of the ever-evolving VoIP technologies.

IP Telephony

An unified solution that includes call management software, hardware and a variety of handsets (Unified CallManager, Voice Gateways, IP Phones)

Unified Communication Services

Unified management of voice mail messages, email and fax (Unity Unified Messaging)

Customer service

Intelligent call routing, automatic telephone service (IP Contact Center)

Unified Multimedia Communication

Convergence of voice, video and web conferencing (Meeting Place)

Complete VoIP – Unified Communications Solutions by Cisco
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          Complete VoIP – Unified Communications Solutions by 3CX
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