What to look for when choosing a Cyberprotection solution

Today’s cyberthreats are constantly changing as hackers use increased computing power and artificial intelligence to make their zero-day attacks more effective. And with 93% of organizations having been attacked in the past three years, it’s only a matter of time before you’re the target.
As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their attacks, we understand that it’s getting harder for you to mitigate them. All it takes is one unpatched system, malicious URL, or malicious for cybercriminals to gain access to your network, encrypt files and deploy ransomware.

While backups are still essential for restoring your data, they’re not enough to protect your business alone. You need to adopt a comprehensive cyberprotection approach with the best cyberprotection solutions to help mitigate the risks associated with today’s modern threats.

Why do companies need advanced Cyberprotection?

Traditional tools are not designed for today’s cyberthreats. The patchwork of software that businesses have historically relied on – for backup, patch automation, anti-malware, configuration management, etc. – does not work together, leaving you with a complex set of legacy solutions that are unable to protect your data, applications, and systems.

With one, integrated solution, you can eliminate gaps in IT infrastructure protection, decrease number of incidents, and minimize time required for incident response.

What to look for when choosing a Cyberprotection solution

6 Challenges with Cyberprotection Solutions

1.Slow to innovate

Although many vendors claim to have upgraded multi- layered anti-malware protection with more advanced features, but they remain slow to innovate with latest technologies.

2.No tools to avoid and recover from cyberattacks

Should malware attack backups, service providers and their clients are exposed to backup deletion and data loss – most vendors have no backup-defense functionality and data protection.

3.Vulnerability assessments and patch management as an add-on

Most vendors don’t provide built-in vulnerability assessments and patch management functionalities, rather they are offered as add- ons. You need to pay more to get these features.

4.No tool for forensic investigations

In the event of a cyberattack, most leading solutions cannot help you investigate without paying for extra services. This lack of visibility increases time to identify what specifically caused the problem.

5.No ability to automatically recover from a cyberattack

Most solutions don’t support automatic file restore if ransomware manages to get through their defense, leading to data and financial losses.

6.No remote desktop access capabilities

Most solutions don’t have an integrated remote desktop functionality. A separate product is needed.

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