Stop Your Business Sensitive Data from Leakage with DLP Managed Service

dlp managed service by digimark

Can your business risk data leakage ?

The Problem:

Data leakage is the exfiltration/transfer of data to unauthorized parties – both inside and outside the organization. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach and Investigation Report, 44% of threat actors related to breaches in small SMBs are internal employees.

How Data Gets Leaked


Relating to negligence


Relating to criminal insider


Relating to user credential theft

Type of Data Leaked:

  • Customer personal information
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial data
  • Personnel files
  • Patient health info

What’s at stake:

  • Your company’s reputation
  • Business and revenue loss
  • Non-compliance risks
  • Business disruption

DLP-Managed Service Benefits

  • Minimize data leakage risk from accidental, compromised, and malicious users
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance and protect sensitive data against unauthorized usage
  • Reduce complexity and ease compliance burdens with deeply managed service expertise
  • Keep process disturbances to a minimum due to misconfigured policies or new business procedures/needs

How does DLP work ?

  • Our technology will observe what data your users send, and create a baseline policy that establishes the content and context of sensitive data flows. The data collection phase is primarily automated so requires little or no involvement from your business nor team.
  • Policies, specific to your business will be automatically created to protect your sensitive data, and will be presented in an easy-to-understand graphical way to be validated by your business leads.
  • After the policies are validated, our team will enforce them and protect your sensitive data against leakage with 24/7/365 coverage across network and local channels. Thereafter, the enforced policies will be seamlessly extended to allow newly observed sensitive data flows. This creates an effective barrier against both outsider and insider threats; now and in the future.

Contact Digimark’s DLP experts and plan your company’s Disaster Recovery and BackUp strategy.

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