Ensure business continuity with proactive maintenance & remote support services

Why proactive maintenance is important 

WannaCry. Equifax. Notpetya.  These three most dangerous and well-known cyberattacks all have one thing in common: They were caused by companies leaving their systems unpatched for extended periods of time. Unpatched systems are one of the easiest attack vectors for cybecriminals looking to gain access to corporate networks and systems. 

Since 2020, Microsoft alone has released more than 10,000 updates and patches for its Windows Office, SQL Server and Exchange Server product families. DNS cache poisoning is a highly deceptive attack that leaves you vulnerable to malware infections and data theft. 

Ensure business continuity with Digimark proactive maintenance & remote support services

Proactive maintenance and remote support: You can focus on what matters most — your business 

We fix issues before they happen. Our proactive maintenance is crucial because it gives you peace of mind that your systems are continuously monitored and reliably protected by a team of professional engineers. Our patch management system automates the deployment of patches to operation systems, software and over 300 applications. We use highly secure remote scripting to make sure that there are no open backdoors to your infrastructure. And, when you need help, secure remote desktop and assistance will save your day by enabling an IT administrator to connect to your workload for troubleshooting. 

Your workload will be up and running, safe and secure, so you can focus on what matters most — your business. 

What are the benefits of our services? 

  • Minimize unplanned downtime: benefit from our proactive approach to checking your hard drive health, conducting regular vulnerability assessments and applying on-time patches. 
  • Fail-safe patching reduces the impact of failed patches by automatically backing up your workloads, and keeps all Windows applications up to date. 
  • Secure remote assistance and management enables our engineers to respond promptly to issues that arise, by troubleshooting  your workload  when you are working from home, the office or on the go. Remote connections are protected with sophisticated encryption, keychain data protection, and password protection to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • We support people, not just IT. We bring unparalleled IT management experience and professionalism to support your business’s IT needs deceptive from attacks that leaves you vulnerable to malware infections and data theft. 

What is proactive maintenance and remote support? 

Our services prevent most of your problems from occurring, helping you to plan, implement and secure your business with the most effective next-generation technologies and expertise. Unlike other approaches, our services are built on the foundation of proactivity, and focus on preventing IT problems rather than fixing problems after they occur. Our vulnerability assessment, patch management and remote monitoring and support services empower your business with unmatched protection against the latest and most dangerous cybersecurity threats. We fix issues before they happen by proactively monitor your workloads, managing the deployment of patches to operating system, and automate your repetitive tasks to keep you protected. This is accomplished by employing a variety of automation tools, advanced analytics, alert mechanisms and remote assistance to prevent. 

Business Continuity through our Proactive Managed IT Services 

When something goes wrong with your IT, everything grinds to a halt. What if you could keep your IT from breaking in the first place, be proactive rather than reactive, or fix issues ahead of time, before the point there is a problem? With a huge reduction in those crisis moments, your employee productivity will increase and become more predictable. A proactive approach takes the complexity out of technology by providing comprehensive support — with no surprises. 


Contact Digimark’s Cyber Security experts and plan your company’s Cyber Protection strategy.

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