April 2018
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Disasters do not warn, just happen 

Disasters come in many forms and usually do not warn you. Digimark with Backup & Recovery service helps businesses to protect their data whenever and wherever they are at risk.

DigiCloud Backup & Recovery refers to ability that Digimark provides you in order to keep your business data regardless the size safe and ready to come back to any urgent situation or disaster may hit your business.

The DigiCloud Backup service includes hosting of Backup Application Server & Storage for online Backup, implementation of the Backup Plan (part of the Business Continuity Plan) using the installed Online Backup applications, periodic integrity control of documents, Backup Systems Monitoring, backup on the client's Main Site when required, Managed Hosting services for the infrastructure which is used for the DigiCloud Backup service.

Why Backup Businesses?
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For a Backup solution, account should be taken on the level of risk faced by company data that is at risk of being lost. Learn why Cloud Backup solutions are the only way for a business to keep their data safe.

Real Data Recovery from Any Disaster
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Using the correct method of recovery in a given state or disaster can significantly improve the recovery time. Digimark gives to businesses multiple choices to address the various causes of data loss and shutdown:
  • Hybrid protection (local & cloud)  
  • Granular and image backup options  
  • Rapid recovery of files or full system data  
  • Dissimilar hardware restore from bare metal
The DigiCloud Backup service creates safety copies of documents, it includes hosting of these copies, Application Server & Storage for Online Backup of documents and data.

Applying the Backup Plan (part of the Business Continuity Plan) using the installed online Backup applications, periodic tracking integrity of the backup data, system backup, sending the backup data to client's home page when needed for service management hosting of the infrastructure that is used for the DigiCloud backup service.

Capabilities and Features of Backup Support Programs.

Whether you want data protection from disasters or just more time than a busy day, automatic backups around the clock, Digimark releases your program to complete what you need to do. Our solutions appeal to small and medium-sized businesses and can support an unlimited number of computers, servers, databases and hypervisors.

Read below to learn more about the full features these plans

Business backup & disaster recovery 
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Solutions that suit the needs of any business regardless their size, small businesses of few users to larger ones with greater complexity in the organization.

The DigiCloud Backup service emphasizes and helps small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of where they operate to gain the competitive advantage of maintaining and retrieving their data, reducing complexity and adapting the solution to the simple environment of small businesses with a limited number of users.

Recovering data and continuing to operate a business has ceased to be a privilege for large businesses ONLY.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

From simple, easy-to-use environments with limited workstations to those with many servers and virtual machines, Digimark Cloud Backup offers the right solution for your business in terms of data protection, without any complexity or exaggeration.


Automatically and continuously protects your business files and data in the cloud, just to create and manage it on a machine or an entire organization.

Recommended for customers looking for a cloud-based backup solution, protect workstation data, and allow remote access to files from any location or device αναζητούν μια λύση δημιουργίας αντιγράφων ασφαλείας cloud-based ,προστασία των δεδομένων του σταθμού εργασίας και επιτρέπει την απομακρυσμένη πρόσβαση σε αρχεία από οποιαδήποτε τοποθεσία ή συσκευή.


Hybrid backup based software and optional Bare Metal Restore (BMR) for fast recovery from data loss and significantly reduced downtime.

 Recommended for customers looking for a flexible, software-based solution for simple environments or with a set of databases or virtual machines.


Centrally manage all workstations and your servers (virtual and physical) through the management console as well as backup policies for users.

 Recommended for customers  looking for a central data management tool as well as for customers with more than 10 workstations..
Safety & Security

The files that are stored are coded and transferred to our state-of-the-art Data Centers located in Germany and the United States, depending on the choice the customer will make. Our Data Centers manage your data 24/7, security and no technical problems.

Easy File Recovery

Μόνο μερικά click του ποντικιού σας, μπορούν να επαναφέρουν κρίσιμα δεδομένα της εταιρείας σας, από απροσδόκητες ζημιές στον υπολογιστή σας ή στους server σας, οποιαδήποτε στιγμή χρειαστεί. Επίσης παρέχετε mobile δυνατότητα διαχείρισης του backup σας, σε επίπεδο IOS και ANDROID.

HIPPA Support

The DigiCloud Backup service supports the HIPPA protocol. If you are a Health-Hospital Company or an Insurance Company and want to store your data in databases, we can offer you a separate contract covering this possibility. Protected Health Information (PHI), Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Common sense pricing

Our programs are supported by a very simple pricing policy. They include only one annual cost for physical or virtual servers as well as for applications or databases. There is no per-instance fee and no license fees.

Sync & Share

This service is available to all DigiCloud Backup customers, is a FREE application that syncs all devices of users, whether it's tablet, mobile, local (on premises), and allows you to collaborate all together by saving files on the fly and synchronizing between them with the latest version.

Bare metal restore

  • System recovery: If the unexpected happens and your servers are damaged, there's no need to worry with Digimark's Virtual Backup. Bare Metal Restore gives you full system recovery. This includes operating systems, applications, databases, and files. Then, you will restore your system to new, existing or even different hardware.

  • Full system restore: Because Digimark's Virtual Backup is a hybrid solution, the data is stored both in physical material on your device as well as in the cloud. If your device is not affected, Virtual Backup can help you quickly recover your data locally. If the device is damaged, Digimark's Virtual Backup can completely restore your system safely from the cloud. So, whatever happens, you'll be able to perform a complete restore of your system and keep your business alive.