April 2018
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Cloud Computing is the latest major development in the field of Information Technology and the revolution in technology which has led to a common situation for all innovations and all new technologies. It is related to the provision of resources, infrastructures, applications, and other information technology components, combined and / or individually, as a service, via the Internet. With Cloud Computing, business applications and files can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time, as the user desires, thus gaining tremendous flexibility.

The exploitation of Cloud solutions will allow your business to achieve more in less time utilizing the resources of huge Data Center and IT services without the cost of maintenance or management.
The integration of cloud computing gives the opportunity to your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, it can drastically reduce costs while increasing your productivity. Our experts understand both the technology and the transformative path that your business will have to cross in order to make the most out of Cloud services.

Cost reduction
Cost management within each organization is critical. Digimark, can offer solutions and support specifically designed to provide a stable IT environment, eliminating risk and reducing costs in your business.

Improving Communication
Improving communication in any business also involves how to improve your team's communication and efficiency. If you are discussing development plans or the next steps for your business, trying to solve a customer issue or reduce and eliminate the lost time you are looking for documents or even keeping your teams connected, then Digimark has many solutions that can help your business.

Work anywhere
By getting the best business advice, solutions, and services, Digimark can help your business not only keep your data safe on multiple sites and devices, but also allowing you to work anywhere at any time.

Digimark's Cloud Services

  •    Infrastructure as a Service -IaaS
  •   Software as a Service - SaaS
  •   Platform as a Service – PaaS
  •   Business Continuity as a Service – BCaaS  
  •   Managed Hosting
  •   Virtual Backup

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