April 2018
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Μαιάνδρου 90, Νέα Φιλαδέλφεια 210.2518666

 Equipment Support Contracts

Equipment support contracts include the handling of hardware, by covering the service provided and the necessary replacement parts. The Support Contract offers high priority and availability to all of the provided services such as installation, customization, diagnosis and rehabilitation, management, consulting services. 

• Increased system uninterrupted time
• Ability to replace equipment
• Increased performance of your investment in IT
• On-site technical support
• High quality service and technical support
• Broad geographic coverage
• Flexible support frames and response times

Tax Support Contract

Ensure uninterrupted operation of your tax system through the Digimarks warranty extension.
• Reduce the downtime to one of the most critical features of your business
• Avoid possible penalties for your tax system's malfunctioning
• Qualitative and guaranteed technical support
• Reducing reimbursement costs in case of malfunctioning of the mechanism

Service description covered by the warranty extension:

Digimark provides free phone support, on working days and hours, at 210-2518666, for issues related to the tax mechanism, which is covered by the warranty extension. In the event of a malfunction of the mechanism, the on-site visit of a technician, the cost of the required work and spare parts will be covered by Digimark. In the case where the problem of the failure of the tax mechanism cannot be remedied by the on-site visit of a technician, the damage repair time is the one provided by the relevant provisions of the law and is 24 hours for the Athens and Thessaloniki districts and 48 hours for the rest of Greece, from the receipt of the tax mechanism by the manufacturer. The duration of the warranty extension may be one year or three years. The tax mechanisms we cover are A-sign, tax manager, tax spooler.