April 2018
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Managed Services

Businesses outsourcing IT support, generally have stable systems, lower maintenance costs, longer running times, and fewer worries.
Digimark understands the requirements of your business and offers you experience and professionalism in the implementation of services.

We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes in many different industries to save time, reduce costs and increase productivity.



As the needs of IT infrastructure grow daily, both the networks that support them need to evolve accordingly to cover a wide range of needs and the different devices associated with it. At a time when Cloud and Virtualization are now tools for access to information, the need to support Enterprise infrastructures with modern and flexible networks that support cutting-edge technologies is greater than ever.

Digimark offers complete data security services for your business, from the development of a complex information system and the use of its most up-to-date protection mechanisms to its full technical support, consistent with international standards.

The excellent and specialized training of our executives combined with our customer-centric philosophy contributes to quick and innovative solutions to security issues across the business world. Applying advanced methods and techniques identifies all security gaps in IT systems and determines their exposure to risks of asymmetric threats.

  • Security Checks
  • Integrated Security Services
  • Digital Disease Analysis
  • Internet Presence Security
  • Safety Advisory Services



In a challenging economic environment, business IT infrastructure has to offer more and cost less. The answer to this difficult equation is now given by virtualization technology, which is now quite mature and integrated to meet these increased demands.
  • Significant reduction of purchase, operation and maintenance costs of equipment as well as energy requirements 
  • Streamline and simplify IT infrastructures and increase flexibility 
  • Essential Tool to Achieve SLA's (Services License Agreements) 
  • Higher availability and lower downtime 
  • Reliable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 
  • Data integration and centralized management with tools easy to use 
  • Excellent business software expansion capabilities (Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint and SAP) 

Business Applications Virtualization 
  • Connect with Exchange and run all its roles while boosting performance 
  • Single SQL database management with lower cost up to 50% 
  • Sharepoint on virtual machines for greater flexibility in implementation and increased performance 
  • Oracle databases and applications at lower cost and better management 

Virtualization platforms, such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, operate as a virtual IT infrastructure such as operating systems, business applications, networking systems, storage devices and more. Digimark implements virtualization solutions that aim to optimize the performance of enterprise IT infrastructures by offering new capabilities while greatly reducing their operating costs.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity 

Digimark's integrated IBM Business Continuity & Recovery Services (BC & RS) help you keep your active key business operations in emergency situations. Your information systems and networks are immediately accessible even in unexpected downtime. Digimark's dedicated staff designs and implements an integrated Disaster Recovery Plan, capable of dealing with unexpected contingencies and ensuring your business continuity. 

Disaster Recovery Plan 
  • Analysis of business processes and needs
  • Set business continuity priorities
  • Set a recovery time objective
  • Creating scenarios of unexpected events
  • Detection of "vulnerabilities"
  • Implement failover and fault-tolerant mechanisms
  • Mechanism Performance Check
  • Stress-testing

Benefits - IBM BC & RS Solutions capabilities: 

  • Restoring the functions to an alternate center, restoring operations to the center of the Enterprise
  • An economic recovery service solution, with annual cost (annuity cost) free from the cost of ownership, maintenance and operation of machinery and space infrastructure
  • Supporting Disaster Recovery Plan and Managing Business Recovery Management (optional)
  • High availability solution with data mirroring
  • Ensure a comprehensible IT recovery program consistent with your business policy
  • Recovery testing of the production system, the frequency of which is selected by you
  • Direct technical assistance
  • Training your technical staff on issues and recovery processes

Mobile Data Center Specialized Solutions 

Digimark, by investing in BC & RS, offers to large organizations and businesses with increased needs the specialized Mobile Data Center solution. This solution is essentially a mobileData Center in a specially configured Container space and includes all the necessary data of a Data Center (SAN, Storage, Cooling Systems, UPS, etc.), and can have even more Power Generators, Satellite Services, etc. 

The virtually unlimited transport, flexibility, and fast startup capabilities of MDCs make them a unique solution that can be deployed immediately and much faster than any other data center solution. They have excellent energy efficiency and low operating costs. 

Mobile data centers are designed to support many different scenarios: 
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Main IT infrastructure
  • Backup IT infrastructure
  • Temporary IT infrastructure solution due to seat transfer
  • Cost-effective expansion of existing IT infrastructure
  • Time-consuming IT Infrastructure Extensions



In the context of "all-in-service", businesses are beginning to see the benefits of DaaS (Device-as-a-Service). This equipment rental model offers greater flexibility, lower operating costs and more IT resources, which can now focus on more important activities than the day-to-day management of the devices. 

Digimark finances all kinds of IT and telecommunications equipment, including computers, laptops, screens, servers / shelves, storage, switches & routers, UPS, printers, IP phones, POS systems etc. Thus, a company’s infrastructure and equipment can be created, completed, renewed, restructured or expanded without its own capital being disbursed or the usual forms of borrowing.

In addition, together with the equipment, the company also offers support services to ensure that the customer's infrastructure is operational, secure and compliant with the GDPR Privacy Policy.

Advantages of DaaS and how Digimark can help

  • Reduced cost management 
  • Lower and more predictable costs 
  • Enhanced data security 
  • Better cash management