April 2018
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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Printing costs are one of the most important and everyday economic "burdens" of businesses, and this cost is even greater in business and organizations that have multiple offices and branches. Digimark, a certified Certified Partner of HP (Gold Certified Partner), can help reduce your total printing costs up to 30%.

Maintain control over your printing environment.

 Convert your entire fleet to a strategic asset with the dedicated support provided by Digimark Printing Services. Managed Print Services (MPS) have been created to enhance businesses to become more productive, to help with new solutions in their daily printing processes and of course to reduce their costs up to 30%. In this context, we undertake the overall management of the printing fleet of your company, with services that include hardware technical support and overall responsibility for its smooth operation. At the same time, we provide monthly reports on the progress and utilization of the provided services.

Digimark offers you the possibility to get rid of fixed assets, maintenance contracts and supplies while simplifying your internal processes with Digimark Printing Management services.
Get rid of scattered printers - Unify your equipment online.

Digimark Printing Management Services is the perfect solution for an integrated management of your office equipment infrastructure, including printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. These services allow for the effective integration of all existing devices and the use of new multifunctional MFPs (capable of printing, copying, scanning and receiving / sending faxes).
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Technological Innovation

Digimark attaches great importance to printing with the Print Management Service (MPS). It gives you the opportunity to increase your productivity through security technologies, portable printing and smart workflow. Take advantage of Digimark's innovation in printing and help reduce printing costs today.

Strategic Advisor

Digimark offers a consulting approach to Managed Print Services (MPS) that is tailored to the needs of your business. Digimark Printing Management consultants, using a resilient portfolio of services and solutions, based on industry know-how, help meet your printing needs .

We support the environment

At Digimark, we have found that by developing innovative solutions that have been designed by considering the environment is not something optional but imperative. That's why Digimark has dedicated itself to programs that reduce its ecological footprint and help its customers reduce their own.

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MPS or Managed Print Services have come to help businesses and employees become more productive, but also to facilitate day-to-day processes by proposing new solutions, all of which naturally reduce costs up to 50%. In times of economic recession it is more than ever necessary to rationalize printing costs and cost savings in every business environment. The current way of (not) managing business prints leads to unjustified costs, often exceeding the 2% of a company's turnover. The cost savings by using Managed Print Services can exceed 30%.Especially in times of crisis and recession, few businesses have the luxury to ignore such an opportunity.

Digimark next to you...
We take the overall responsibility of your company's printing fleet, including the equipment, consumables, technical support and the management of your overall fleet, providing on a monthly basis reports on the course and utilization of the service provided. The main elements required to implement an MPS contract are to investigate current needs and to record the current production of printing of the company concerned.

HP's approach takes into consideration its users, technology and processes, ensuring a smooth transition from the existing to the new improved environment. Depending on the customer's requirements, software is added to allow easy programming and automation of predefined workflows, document tracking and smart troubleshooting while at the same time enhancing data security.
MPS services embed the leasing of the provided equipment, resulting in a reduction of expenses as the service is considered to be an operating expense.

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Give your business the competitive edge with the use of MPS Software.

Simplify important business processes and tasks by using powerful business-optimization methods for your business and printing solutions. Digimark offers you the Special Software for MPS
The latest technology tools for managing your business printing fleet helps you to reduce workload effectively, significantly reduce costs, improve employee productivity, and enable users to print
 safely - wherever they are when business needs require it.

Digimark MPS Software

Digimark provides you with the most useful tool in order for the Business Printing Manager to deliver the result you need. The MPS software effectively manages the printing fleet of each business as well as printing services.

Digimark's special MPS software gives your business the ability to manage Print and Document Capture with Central Control for the entire print environment covered with the prospect of achieving

1) Reduce printing costs for the business.

2) Increase security-confidentiality of company documents.

3) Improve employee productivity, enabling them to print wherever they are, even remotely.
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