April 2018
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Μαιάνδρου 90, Νέα Φιλαδέλφεια 210.2518666
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Digimark is a dynamic Greek company, a member of a group of companies in the IT and telecommunications sector since 1987. As a Technological Provider, it offers integrated IT solutions in the sectors of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, and System Integration. The growth and organizational shape of the company is based on its ability to produce and distribute innovative and reliable high technology products and services

The staff
Digimark's specialized staff is dedicated to meeting your needs, by providing you with integrated IT solutions and of course full and direct technical support. Professionalism, scientific education and continuing education in new technologies are the elements we care to encompass the entire staff of our company, while the numerous certifications from our partners seal our successful effort.

The object
In a world where technology is growing rapidly, we provide not only innovative ideas but also solutions that can meet every need and requirement. We introduce you to the new digital technologies, presenting applications, systems, and equipment that modernize the infrastructure of our customers by giving them today the technologies of tomorrow.

The solutions
Our company, surpassing the narrow terms of the expressions "Services" and "Products", by offering its customers complete IT solutions capable of covering a wide range of their own needs. In ISO 9001 standards, these solutions come from our collaborations with the most powerful and trustworthy companies in the field, which also reward us for our work and professionalism with our own certifications.