April 2018
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Unified Communications 

We continually invest in advanced technologies to deliver smart and innovative communications solutions that ensure network stability and performance. Focusing on reducing the cost of your company's telecommunication infrastructure, Digimark's engineering department designs integrated wireless and wired network infrastructure solutions. 

Internet access
After analyzing the existing infrastructure and the future requirements of your business, our engineers choose and propose the right solution for you through a set of available Vodafone access services.

Private corporate network
After selecting the type of access control (ADSL, SHDSL, Optical fiber) according to the interconnection needs of each point of presence, it is possible to create a private corporate network (VPN). VPNs provide a high level of communications security based on MPLS technology and allow remote access for mobile workers.

Leased line alternative telephony services are drastically reducing telephone bills and a choice of integrated IP telephony services including call management software, equipment and a variety of telephone devices.

Networking Equipment
Selecting networking equipment (routers, firewalls, Access points etc.) based on the unique needs of each case that evolves the telecommunication infrastructure and optimizes its capabilities.

Integrated and global support from Digimark’s certified teams, with Network Management (Managed Network Services) for your business



Digimark, being Vodafone's largest reseller in corporate networks, provides specialized Internet access solutions as well as communication between the different points of presence of the company via IP-VPNs, designed in accordance with the requirements and strategy of each business.
VPNs guarantee business operations and appeal to businesses that want to integrate the business applications and technology infrastructure into a single and private telecommunications network that guarantees the seamless and secure operation of all critical features.

VPN Features

The transmission of data within the Vodafone network is based on MPLS technology, which guarantees the high level of security of our customers' VPN networks. The service guarantees the transmission characteristics of each type of traffic and the equipment at the end of the customer determines the priority of transmitting the data within the virtual network.

• Speed
Ability to select each type of access (ADDS, SHDSL, Optical fiber) according to the interconnection needs of each point of presence of the Company and its requests.

• Quality
Providing different MPLS Class of Service that guarantee different Quality Grades

• Design - Support
Digimark's experienced and specialized network technology team designs, implements and warrants the operation of VPN networks, offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of today's business. In addition to Digimark's specialized technical support, 24/7 support is also provided through Vodafone

VoIP – Unified Communications

VoIP – Unified Communications

VoIP technology is the most modern telecommunication tool, offering unique voice and data integration capabilities in a single network. This is why it is also the first choice of companies worldwide with continuously increasing trends. Digimark’s engineering department designs integrated IP telephony and communication services integration, by making always the most of theVoIP technologies.

• IP Telephony
Integrated solution including call management software, equipment and a variety of telephone devices (Unified CallManager, Voice Gateways, IP Phones)

• Unified communications services
Unified Messaging, Voice Mail, Email and Fax Management

• Customer service
Intelligent call routing services, IP Contact Centers

• Integrated multimedia communication
Voice convergence, video and web conferencing (Meeting Place)