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Save valuable time for your company staff by increasing productivity in your company. Evolve the role and value of Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service, HR and Marketing, offering them new opportunities.

Digimark implements specially customized business software solutions, which cover the needs of medium and large companies regardless of industry and activity, but also vertical markets.

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The modern requirements of companies in the field of internal business organization, require a business resource management software platform (ERP) that in addition to improving business operations, will ensure the greatest possible insight into market trends and quickly adapt to possible changes. In addition, investing in such a platform must definitely ensure the necessary flexibility and the ability to expand with existing or future applications. Digimark's innovative integrated solutions aim at the versatile and efficient utilization of computer systems in the modern, complex and now expanded business environment.



Increase the trust that your customers have in you and give the necessary tools to the employees of the Sales, Marketing and Technical Support departments, so that they can work together, reducing the sales cycle of your products and maximizing your profits.

Digimark offers a wide range of customer management systems (CRM) solutions, while the specialized team of Software Development undertakes their development, configuration and support with complete success according to your needs.

Digimark CRM solutions cover all business activities from the first contact with the customer to after-sales support, while enabling the automation of customer relationship management in terms of day-to-day operations related to all departments. of the business.



Make the most of your call center and add value to your company's CRM with Digimark's unique Integrated Call Center (CTI) platform. Develop the ability to communicate with customers, partners and suppliers while saving valuable time for your company executives, increasing their production capacity.



Digimark's experience since 1987, through its dozens of integrated projects in various fields, allows it to offer specialized ERP and CRM solutions, which meet the specific requirements of the companies while adding additional advantages and possibilities. Digimark, based on Softone software, provides specialized solutions developed by the Software Development team

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