Easy Printing 

Give employees the ability to print from mobile phones, tablets and laptops increasing their productivity. 

Print Security

Get security on your printer. The key is to choose what works for you by looking at the full lifecycle of the document - before, during and after printing.

Waste Control

Overflowing recycling bins next to the printer are a testament to the waste we need to control, but let's not forget the waste of time and money. Our vision is linked to the protection of the environment. 

3D Printing and Print Rooms

Digimark has solutions beyond simple office printing. Printing solutions extend to print rooms and 3D printing labs in colleges and universities. 

Print Management Software

Scanning & File Conversion

Online Payment Gateways

Mobile Printing

Print Fleet Managament Software

Print Room Management 

OCR & Document Conversion

Data Integration Services

Business Intelligence


The cost of printing and document management is one of the most important and daily financial "burdens", while at the same time it is included in the most time consuming business management processes. These costs increase even more in the case of companies and organizations that have large staff and several branches.

Digimark, a certified partner of major manufacturers, specializing in Office Printing, Filing and Scanning solutions has been proven to reduce your total printing costs by up to 30%.

Turn your entire print fleet into a strategic asset with Digimark Print-Copy-Scan services and support 

Print-Copy-Scan Services were created to empower businesses to become more productive and with new solutions to facilitate the day-to-day management processes of the printing fleet, both in the field of printing and digital archiving. Digimark offers you the opportunity to get rid of fixed costs and maintenance contracts, as it simplifies your internal procedures with the Print-Copy-Scan services.

In this context, we undertake the overall management of your company's printing fleet, with services that include monitoring and supply of consumables, technical support and management for its smooth operation. At the same time, we provide on a monthly basis reports on the progress and utilization of the services provided.


Technological Innovation

Digimark attaches great importance to Document Management with Print Management Services (MPS) and Digital Archiving. It enables you to increase your productivity through security technologies, portable printing, document scanning, archiving and smart workflow. Take advantage of Digimark's innovation in Print-Copy-Scan and help reduce costs.

Strategic Advisor

Digimark offers a consulting approach for Print Management (MPS) and Digital Archiving Services tailored to your business needs. Digimark consultants, utilizing a strong portfolio of services and solutions, based on the know-how of each industry, help to meet the requirements of your business. 

We support the environment

At Digimark we found that the development of innovative solutions designed with the environment in mind is not optional but imperative. That's why Digimark is committed to programs that reduce its ecological footprint and at the same time help its customers reduce theirs.


Reduce Printing Costs
Cost savings
Save Time on Technical Support Calls

MPS, or Print Management Services, came to help businesses and employees become more productive, but also to facilitate day-to-day processes, proposing new solutions, and of course reducing costs by up to 30%.

In times of economic downturn it is more necessary than ever to rationalize printing costs and cost savings in any business environment. The current way of (non) managing business printing leads to unjustified expenses, which often exceed 2% of a company's turnover. Cost savings from using Managed Print Services can exceed 30%. Especially in times of crisis and recession, few companies can afford to ignore such an opportunity.

We undertake the management of your company's printing fleet, including equipment, consumables and technical support, providing on a monthly basis reports on the progress and utilization of the service provided. The main elements required for the implementation of an MPS contract, are the investigation of the current needs and the recording of the current production of the printing works of the interested company.

Digimark's approach takes users, technology and processes into account, ensuring a smooth transition from the existing to the new improved environment. Depending on the requirements of the client, the addition of software is provided that allows the possibility of easy programming and automation of predefined workflows, the ability to track registrations and intelligent troubleshooting while, at the same time, enhances data security. MPS services incorporate embedded leasing of the provided equipment, resulting in the reduction of fixed costs (capital expenditure) as the service is operating expenditure (operating expenditure).

Management Tips

Equipment Design

Support - Maintenance

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Give your business a competitive edge by using dedicated MPS Software.

Simplify important business processes and tasks by using powerful methods to optimize your business workflow, using the Special Software for MPS service, provided by Digimark. Digimark's proprietary MPS software enables your business to Manage Print and Document Documentation, with Central Control for the entire print environment covered with the prospect of achievement.

Secure Print Release

Holds printing until approved.

Mobile Print Release

Promote tasks via mobile phones.

Web Print

Ability to Print from any wireless device.

Pull/Find Me Printing

Εντοπισμός του πλησιέστερου εκτυπωτή από όλες τις διαθέσιμες συσκευές.

Rules and Routing

Ολοκληρωμένος έλεγχος του τρόπου χρήσης των εκτυπωτών σας.


Μεγάλη ποικιλία αναφορών μέσω της διεπαφής δαχειριστή.

Document management

Digimark has extensive experience in designing and implementing Digital Document Archiving, Workflow and Document Data Collection projects. Digimark attaches great importance to the protection of the company's data and its customers, as well as to ensuring the quality of the services it provides, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2015 standards.



  • Folder / document retrieval speed
  • Possible incorrect physical archiving or loss of files / documents
  • Possible destruction of files / documents due to age and storage conditions
  • Security against possible disaster
  • Excessive workload of staff
  • Costs of storage, retrieval and production of copies by external partners

Now you can easily take advantage of the provided automations and speed up your processes, reduce your operating costs, having the data quickly and reliably.


Digimark services offer you

  • Automation
  • Maintain the file in digital format
  • Avoid data corruption
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI-Cost Amortization)
  • High quality and reliable results
  • Εκτενή και ολοκληρωμένη λειτουργικότητα
  • Extensibility and adaptability
  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Utilization of customer resources