With the innovative solution of Smartglasses you succeed money and time savings

The continuous focus on business needs and technological innovation led to the development of software solutions for wearable devices. Therefore, we are able to propose a solution/platform for support, activities, and collaborations remotely.


The innovative solution integrates web technology with Smart Glasses to facilitate and improve communication between one or more technicians and an expert at a central location, who collaborate in carrying out activities and interventions on the field.


General description of features

During the communication in audio-video streaming between the remote operator (Web Portal) and on-site technical staff (Device), are available the following functions:

Send text messages                                 Take a picture

Send an image                                           Anchoring

Drawing                                                      Screenshot

Marker                                                        Screen sharing


Benefits by adopting the WearIT solution

  • Improvement of productivity and efficiency of processes and services, installation, maintenance and repair
  • Improvement of work experience and training of junior staff while performing on-site activities
  • Follow up an unstructured data control, documentation of activities in real-time
  • The solutions proposed as a result of the reduction of unnecessary staff movement/traveling, greatly contribute to a more green world


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