April 2018
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The four squares in the Digimark brand represent our philosophy that we have been faithfully following since 1987. These squares represent the four equivalent groups: customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, none of which overlap the other.
For this reason, no part of the symbol dominates the rest, nor of course also in the thought of our people. Our success is the result of the balance we have between the needs of these groups.

Our customers want the right solutions, which we supply them as efficiently, economically and at a steady pace. By continuously providing these services, we are responding to our responsibilities. The successful presence of our company is due to the creation of long-lasting professional relationships that we invest in them every day.
We believe that for the smooth operation of our company, we are responsible for the people who manage it. We recognize that we have expectations from our executives and that they have to be fulfilled to the fullest.

Our suppliers expect the largest possible sales of their products in the markets they are targeting. We are fulfilling this obligation by providing services that are more cost-effective than what they would achieve.

It is our responsibility to improve our dividend policy every year, in order to maximize the investment of our shareholders.